First words

Over the last decades consumers have been overloaded by advertising. This overload has unified consumers in a global protest, saying: «We hate advertising!»

The only way of fighting these attention hungry advertisers is by ignoring them or blocking the ads. When companies like Apple let developers create ad-blocker applications, it’s time for a radical change in the advertising industry

We don’t believe people hate advertising. At Dappd, we believe people love advertising when it’s done right. New research shows that over 80% of consumers don’t mind ads when they’re relevant to their interests. With the media industry depending on advertising revenue and readers who love advertising when it’s done right, Dappd sees a possibility to bring these two together and create a win-win situation.

Imagine this; you walk out of your office and Dappd offers you a deal on some flowers. Why? Because Dappd knows you’re a family man, that you’re 50 meters from the flower shop, that it’s Friday and that your wife loves daisies.

Imagine that you’ll never see an ad for Coca Cola because Dappd knows you’re a Pepsi girl. Never an ad for fast food because you’re on a diet, or only ads about organic food because that’s what you eat.

This is what Dappd is all about; giving you the possibility to take control of advertising and serving you relevant ads, at the right time and the right place.

Dappd will learn what you like and dislike. Dappd will know if you’re a coffee or tea lover, Pepsi or Cola, organic or fast food. If you’re a vegetarian, our goal is that you never have to see an ad for meat-containing foods again.

Where can we provide this service?

This is the best part! In the near future, our goal is to offer this service in all digital channels. We’ll change all online advertising, from banners to digital radio and TV. We have to start somewhere; we’ll begin with your smartphone.

The reason is simple. We literally want to be in your pants, be a part of your life and learn everything we can, so you can get offers, tailored to your life and personality. Be assured; the things we learn about you while in your pants, stays in your pants – like they should.

Our main obstacle in this phase is learning more about you and gaining your trust so we can give you control of advertising. This is why we invite you to become a beta-tester. Help us to help you take control of advertising.

We hope you’ll follow us on this road-less-taken and help us change the advertising industry forever. Please sign up! You can join as a beta tester or a newsletter reader – or both.

Let’s create a new advertising industry where you have control and everyone gains!