Dappd is an independent adtech-startup from Norway

We want to achieve a value and relevance in advertising never before seen. Dappd is a new ecosystem that asks, collects data and is open to feedback.

What’s in it for me?

We want advertising to be a friendly reminder or a pleasant surprise. We want you to enjoy your content for free, regardless of where you’re getting it – without being bothered by irrelevant ads.

Complete control of your own commercial exposure is what we strive for.

How does it work?

Dappd asks, collects data and is open to feedback – in all channels, which will create an unprecedented level of relevance. Your content will be paid for by brands you know and love.

Through cross-channel data collection, location technology and our own personalized algorithm, we’re aiming to bring relevance and value to every ad.

What’s happening now?

Dappd is currently looking for funding. In parallel, the core functionality is being tested in a closed beta and we’re developing a prototype of the Dappd ecosystem.

We’ve signed letters of intent with several of the major media- and news agencies in Norway, and are working hard to rattle the world of advertising.